Update failed. Please contact support

My update to the new Samsung account failed. Supposed to take a few seconds. I have 2 locations with over 100 devices each.

Why the heck do you force people to upgrafe when there is no support around to help. I have an empty house now with no control or visibility to devices and sprinklers.

I’m curious if you were “forced” or just “requested”?

I certainly would not want to be down at an inconvenient time. Odds are that it will eventually sync up though, so … sleep on it… with a house in who knows what state?

Thanks. It eventually completed over an hour later.

I don’t think i had a choice about the upgrade , I seem to recall there was Some time limit since you got the message. Regardless the app was basically unuseable with the upgrade message taking up 1/2 the space on each page. Locations are correct and all seems to be working. I only anomsly I noticed it that device debug messages are not showing up in the ide
I see a message from a smart app but the device itself doesn’t show up. See below

The message shows up for the NH alarm status, but no entry for basement multi sensor ever appears.

Also regardless recommend you don’t roll out upgrade messages on Fridays right b4 the weekend when support staff is not around.