Upcoming Migration for Groovy Devices

Here’s an example of how DTH devices show (my old Harmony Hub devices I just need to delette):


I think you may be right. I was seeing ones marked as ZWAVE and ZIGBEE on the list, but when I opened, the drop down for Driver was blank. . . but I just went back now and tried to find some again and they all have a driver listed. So I think it was probably just slow web response populating the drop down.

I still have a bunch of virtual switches still listed as DTH, but hoping those migrate ok now that they figured out what ever problem caused them all to go offine/delete. Wondering if they have a solution for the weather tile. Kind of feeling like they don’t, which will muck up a ton of my lighting automation. At least maybe they will kill it when the UV/Lux is low so all my lighting defaults to turning on vs not. . . .but who knows.

The weather tiles have been replaced by the weather icon on the favorites page.

As an alternate @TAustin has a weather driver but it requires you to run a sever to connect it to the intenet.

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Yes, I was aware of the driver, but don’t leave an always on device to run it. When creating a routine, is the favorites icon the weather input? No UV or Lux inputs right? I could probably get close with a combo of not clear & time of day related to sunrise/set, but the legacy solution did seem to do a decent job of estimating brightness based on time of year. E.g. an hour before sunset in the summer is way different than winter.

Did we ever get official confirmation there is no other replacement for the legacy weather tile other than the icon in the app? I don’t think we ever got official confirmation on virtual switches either, and they have come through with a solution, so I am still holding out hope. Assuming it just gets deleted, I will resort to a virtual switch set by the weather and time of day compared to sun rise/set and then use that in my lighting automation.

You are correct, there are no UV or Lux options in the new weather routines.

No one has officially said anything about replacing weather tiles, but the weather icon seems like the obvious replacement. Keep in mind the Edge Drivers have no access to the internet with out a separate server.

You may also find it easier to see in the ST API Browser+ which has the ability to filter by device type including DTH.


I guess the 14th July is not happening… yet ! ? In the phone app

There’s a problem with migrated virtual switches.
These virtual switches are NOT controlled with Google Home app nor Google Assistant.

I just tried Assistant on my phone and the Home app and it just worked. Not home to try a Google device.

I did some testing, and I found out that only local virtual switch fails with google home.
cloud virtual switch works well with google home.

I’ve also created virtual switches with CLI.

When I create a virtual switch with

smartthings virtualdevices:create-standard

which is a cloud virtual switch, it works well with Google Home.

However, when I create a local virtual switch with CLI command,

smartthings virtualdevices:create-standard -L

it does not work with Google Home.

-L is the option to create a local virtual switch

Regardless of newly created with CLI, or migrated from local virtual switch DTH,
only local virtual switches are not controllable with Google Home.

@nayelyz Could you help solving this problem?

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My local virtual devices, which aren’t built using the standard prototypes, seem to work OK with Google Home.

Hi, @iquix
Sorry for the delay, there’s already a report about the usage of Virtual Local devices since others have reported some inconsistencies.
We’ll add your comments to it.

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I ended up getting a Philips hue outdoor PIR. It has Lux and connects to SmartThings directly.


Is there only 1 model? I found one on Amazon which says needs the hub, but also checked the reviews which seems to say the same thing.

Yes there is only one model and it connects via the Hue hub or directly to ST with a community developed edge driver. I’ve tried both and both work very well. But I found the functionality better when connected to the ST hub directly


About 90 minutes ago all my DTH/Groovy based devices migrated to Edge drivers that have no hope in hell of working. For example, my GoControl wireless button controllers migrated to a Zwave on/off switch! Talk about a square peg in a round hole – I’m sure @smartthings will now herald “we migrated all devices” … in this case to an on/off switch driver that can’t work. But, they’re all now migrated! Whoop. RIP.

Are your devices GoControl/WA00Z-1? If so, @Mariano_Colmenarejo added the fingerprint for that device to his Z-Wave Button Mc Edge driver. You can subscribe to his channel and install the driver here.


@Mariano_Colmenarejo did what @nayelyz refused to do [OBSOLETE] GoControl Smart Wireless Light Switch Cover WA00Z-1 (see post #135 for 2023 Edge Driver) - #127 by nayelyz

Mariano you are a rock star!

… gotta go fish those switches out of my electronic recycle bin. MANY THANKS Bruce!

Another surprise today after a bunch of my devices with DTHs were migrated to Edge: it seems like any routine that referenced a migrated device was deactivated/switched off. I had to scroll through tons of disabled routines to figure out which were previously enabled. :face_vomiting:

When a device is switched to a driver that doesn’t have the capability(ies) that were referenced in the Routine, they are removed from the Routine. That will happen with configuration and explorer drivers as well. Believe it or not, it’s better than before because it used to be the entire Routine was deleted.