UP24 delay?

(Sean Murray) #1

First off let me preface by saying I’m fully aware this is most likely an issue with the UP24 and not SmartThings. That being said I figured it couldn’t hurt to check and see if anyone has run into similar problems and found a solution.

I purchased an UP24 last weekend. I mainly got it in order to utilize it as a trigger for my SmartThings setup. I have it set up so that when the band enters sleep mode my house enters night mode and turns all the lights off. Then, the next morning when I take the band out of sleep mode, the house should wake up and turn some lights on. The first few times I tested it it worked perfectly. Even if the app wasn’t open on my iPhone as soon as I entered or exited sleep mode on the band I saw the bluetooth icon on the phone flash to signify there was a connection being made and the corresponding actions were triggered in the house. The next morning when I used it for real the first time it also worked perfectly. Then yesterday things started acting up. The band no longer seems to sync with the app as quickly and as a result there is a significant delay between doing anything on the band and the app actually realizing it. Often it takes me going in an actually opening up the app on my phone to trigger the sync. I noticed this also with the daily notifications on my step count. Where during the first 24 hours or so of using the band I was getting those notifications fairly regulary (every 2k steps or so), I now don’t get them at all unless I open up the app and notice the band syncing at that point. Is there anything that would be causing this delay in syncing? I’m using the latest version of the app and a Verizon iPhone 6. It’s the exact same phone I’ve had since purchasing the UP24 last weekend.

(DLee) #2

Did you download the latest UP24 firmware which also extends your UP24 battery life to 14 days? With that and latest App, I have not experience much in delays on Android. I only use it for Goodnight mode, not Good morning mode. Early on I did experience some delays up to 20 or 30 seconds. Seems to be simply related to how often the App on the phone wants to sync with the band. Though an UP24 button push should trigger a sync. Anyway, yes I experienced delays but it seems to not happen much anymore. Maybe play with settings in the app.

BTW, I had to use the long press option in the Button smartapp for this. The UP24 mode smartapp is not working for Android. That is a known issue.

(Sean Murray) #3

Didn’t realize there was a firmware update. Updated today, will report back if there’s any difference.

(Sean Murray) #4

Updated the firmware and there is no change. There is stills significant delay between triggering the sleep/wake mode on the band and the action triggering on my ST. Opening the Up app syncs it immediately so I’m assuming the issue is on there end. Not sure why it worked great for 24 hours.