System stops working or major delays at night

Is there a change log on the Hub updates? It seems ever since they pushed the Android App, my hub is horrible. Things aren’t working like they used to. One of my GE Zwave switches removed itself from the hub the day the app came out. I had to hard delete it and readd it. I then saw major delays in motion sensors and with the app on using the system. It seems to be happening more and more lately. I don’t get push notifications on my phone and support is super slow after this update which indicates they are a little overwhelmed. I unplugged my hub last night and plugged it back in to see if it would fix anything and no it didn’t. I lost my light switch again and had to readd it. The other devices didn’t work. If they did it was 30 to 60 second delay. This morning, I came home and my phone wasn’t on wifi. I was able to enter the house through the garage walk through 2 motion sensors and then open the front door before the alarm went off. Kinda need that wifi connection for the presence sensor but that delay is not acceptable at all. I have a order for the new smart hub but can’t believe it is getting this bad.

Am I the only one experiencing these problems after the app update? BTW I like the app over the old one. I don’t like my push notifications don’t work. I have a support ticket going on 2 weeks for that one.

Nope you are not alone. Report everything to so they can track it. I lost three contact sensors - just poof not on the zwave network - a few days ago, and reported it. No idea why. Just report everything.

The mobile app update is completely unrelated to the devices connected to your hub and how they communicate to our system. If you’re continuing to have issues with your devices please email

The system has been working fine the past few days thankfully. I am hoping the new HUB will fix my issues since it won’t rely on an internet connection for each task. Now to wait for that thing to ship!! My order is complete but no shipping details.

@Anthony , keep in mind newer is not always better. Also, most issues stem from the platform on the SmartThings cloud.

I am not knocking SmartThings at all. It’s just a fact of life & technology.

Things have ironed out the past few days. Push notifications don’t work on my phone though. They work perfectly on my girlfriends phone though. Support says they are working on a fix so for now I am using text notifications. Per support the new hub should be here next week. That upgrade was a major upgrade. Seeing all the changes involved in the new app, I can only imagine how they imported the old to the new and it must have been a pain. I like the features in the new app. I am just seeing the pains of upgrading . It happens but eventually smooths out.