Up24 better sleepy time app

(Cameron Murdaugh) #1

I had a couple of questions about the sleepy time app for my UP24 band. I noticed this afternoon that the sleepy time app had changed my house to Home, even though I was at work. I think this happened because I resync’d my UP band with the UP app. At which point, my home just got the message that I was awake.

Two questions, has anyone created an app that allows you to say, don’t do these things if i am in these modes (away specifically)? Does the UP app have to be open for my smartthings hub to get the wake and sleep presses? From my experience, I have to press and hold the button and then make sure my UP app is open and is sync’d.

(Barry) #2

Yup - look for “Sleepy Time Too” in the IDE Shared SmartApps section. It ONLY applies the button push if you are recognized to be home by your Presence Sensor.

(Note: this should be made standard - the LAST thing you want is to be changing modes while your wife is home in the US and you are in Singapore…which I learned the hard way :smile:)

(Cameron Murdaugh) #3

Thank you (downloaded).

Does anyone have the answer to the second question?

(Barry) #4

Yes, I think the app has to be running (in the background) on your iPhone, but you don’t need to do a sync to make it work. I will note that it is NOT 100% reliable, nor is it necessarily immediate. If you “wake up” instead of “go to sleep” at night, it will indeed run the “Good Morning” action…sometimes hours after you fell asleep.

I haven’t dug into the UP24 API yet to see if there are timestamps or such that could be used to filter out unwanted actions (ie. don’t do Good Morning! unless it is after 4AM, etc.)

(An) #5

@storageanarchy’s absolutely right. The UP app does have to be running in the background and your band connected (sometimes my band loses connection, about once a week).

I’ve used the button controller to take care of the Good Morning and Good Night actions. You can limit the hours each runs as well as the mode in which it applies. So there are no surprises.

(Cameron Murdaugh) #6

When you say button controller, do you mean the quick press button action? That never worked for me. I tried to use the button controller to turn on a light, but it never succesfully worked. I use the sleepy time (where you press and hold). As for the button controller, does the app need to be opened for that button press to register with the Hub?

(Barry) #7

While you can limit the hours, they are based on the time where your phone is, not your home time. So if you are in Singapore and go to Sleep mode, you will in fact shut down the house half way around the world. If nobody else is home, NBD, but if someone is home, it can be kinda spooky…hence I made STToo - I have to be Home in order for the button mode change to work…

(An) #8

@cjm3407, I am using the hold button. I’m on Android and the Sleepy Time app is spotty at best. You do need to have the UP app running in the background for the button press to register.

@storageanarchy, good point. I may have my modes setup differently than yours with multiple away and home modes depending on who is there so I haven’t run into the issue. Until Sleepy Time works on Android, we’re stuck with these workarounds.

(Brad B.) #9

I’m having trouble finding your app… which category is it in? Thanks!

EDIT: It’s in Labs, found it!

(Ron S) #10

And how exactly are you going to handle these scenarios:

Alarm mode (You have to click on the button to snooze). This may trigger unwanted mode change. Reminders, Activity alerts etc. which may require you to push the button to make it stop.

As such I luv the smart coach’s suggestions :slight_smile:

(Brad B.) #11

I think this only triggers scene changes if you start sleep mode which requires a long press. However, like the official app, I can’t get this installed on Android. It’s been broken for eight months yet the Up24 is still listed as “works with Smartthings.” The CEO even demoed one awhile back. I purchased my Up24 to replace my Misfit under the assumption that it’d work with Smartthings and now I feel like, unless you own an iPhone, it’s misleading.

(Ron S) #12

On iPhone I occasionally see the number of steps updated… Never tried the button presses with any SmartApp. The sleeping/awake status works too. :wink: