Jawbone UP24 wake up problems

I have had the UP24 for a while now, and this has been happening for a while. There are times where my system thinks my jawbone is in awake mode and sets my house to home. This may be happening because of a lot of motion in the night, but i never press the button. Additionally, when i first am going to bed there are often times putting the band in sleep, will result in the SmartThings to go from Home to Night and immediately go back to Night. Normally, i have to put the band to sleep, wake it up, put back to sleep. I was ok with the second problem (it was annoying), but the first problem is stressful to me, because for some reason (not sure if is problems with other apps), but the house never goes back into night even though i have inactivity app configured to auto night after a certain time.

My temp solution has been configuring the app to put in Night when i go to bed and wake up, never giving it an option to set to home because I have a motion sensor in my room that will wake up the house. But the problem with that is depending on the delay in events, i can wake up the house then the band puts it back to sleep. I am in the process of tweaking Sleepy Time, to not taking in a wake up event. Does anyone have a solution for the above problems?


No solution man but the exact same problem. I have the sleept time action use the sleep button to turn my Home mode into Night which sets my alarm. I quickly noticed after a few days that the command wouldn’t happen right away and that it was the Up app not refreshing since ST only gets it’s command from the Up app, not the band button itself (at least I think that’s how it work, I don’t know the technical code stuff). So by re-opening the Up app before I press the button before bed, it’s been all good.

But then I get these ghost commands that wake my system up just like you! ST’s says the button was pressed and Jawbone is awake, my system comes out of Night mode and the security system turns off. I don’t know this though until I wake up and realize it’s been in Home mode since 1am for example. And what doesn’t make sense is the Up app shows it’s still in ‘sleep’ and the band has been working perfectly all night. Really frustrating and scary my system is off all night. I’m ready to just un-install it cause I can’t risk that happening almost every night. I’ve tried uninstalling the Up app, refreshing both apps before bed, nothing works. Someone help please cause this is a great feature to control ST… if it worked properly ;(

Sorry for the delay. This issue has been fixed and it shouldn’t switch to awake until you press the button. Hope this helps!

Is there a way to update apps or do i have to re-download and re-configure?

It should update itself :slight_smile:

I have an Up24 since a month and the last 2 weeks I have the same sleep mode/wake up problem. What can I do, since its supposed to be fixed for some time now?