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Jawbone UP24 Sleepy Time Needs Tweaking

(Asher) #1

I’ve been testing the new Jawbone integration and I’ve found a big problem with it for me. When I press and hold the button before bed after a few seconds the command is sent and Hello Home dims my bedroom lights. Awesome!

The problem happens when I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. My bedroom lights come on waking up my girlfriend. :frowning: Apparently the app is reporting that I’m awake when I get up and walk to the bathroom to pee instead of pressing and holding the button when I truly wake up in the morning.

I confirmed this this morning by setting the Jawbone to sleep and leaving it on my night stand instead of wearing it. The lights stayed off all night. I woke up, put the Jawbone on, went to the kitchen, and on came the lights without pressing and holding the button.

The integration is great but needs a little change or another app for those of us that don’t sleep through the night.

(Anthony) #2

Are you using button controller also?? I was having the exact issue you’re talking about. Once I deleted button controller and just used sleep time that issue went away for me.

I am curious, how long does it take for your ST’s hub to pick up the command to wake the house up or put it to sleep?? 4 days ago it was instant and now it can take 5 minutes or longer. Just curious on what response time you get.


(Asher) #3

I did try using a button app but it’s been deleted for a while. The lights turn off after about five seconds. Pretty sure the jawbone app has to be running on my phone of course.