Unwanted motion alerts since last platform update

I already removed and re-added them and still got it soon after. Hope support will figure it out.

Wow! I had to remove only the alarms! :wink: I am kind of wondering what exactly will I have after eliminating one thing after another… May be just the “hub”! Heheheh!

Got another unwarranted motion alert right now even though home.

Now I am freaking disgusted. The alarm went off in home mode when I opened a door. This is totally unacceptable. Yes I have reported it to support and the response was to check if was in away mode by any chance by clicking on the gear. huh… Removed the alarms from Away mode. Somebody from support should take a look It is sad to see with every passing day, there is a new issue…things happening is incorrect mode is not right at all.

PS: this is related to ST built in motion alerts…and the most basic settings…

I too have the same issue for the past couple of days. One of my motion sensor is constantly triggering turning my lights on then off again. It not suppose to run on unless the LUX is below 200 but the LUX is sitting at a 1000 right now and it’s firing the lights on and off when i walk into the room. I am using Lighting director smartapp to turn on a group of lights.

So must we redo all the setup again after each time ST updates the system? It was embarrassing to have a house full of guess over and the lights were going crazy. One of the guys suggested to be to use the VERA instead. LOL…

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Please open tickets with support that they know it’s not just me and do something about it. Happened again this morning. Weird part is it’s happening only for ST motion sensors powered or on battery.

It has come to this that it is saying Dropcam is detecting motion… What the hell… This is not the photo burst when on motion. Yet to hear from support since the first time reporting it. As @tyler said that dropcam photo burst is triggered due to some motion it is linked with. I understand that but how come it says dropcam detected motion in “home” mode. @tyler, @slagle… Can you help us to get somebody look at the motion alerts in incorrect mode?

Others are having mode related issues too…

@tyler @april @slagle

Is Smartthings your burglar alarm system? So if the internet is down, the siren doesn’t go off? Have you tried just setting it for notification-only. Sounds like it was in away mode incorrectly. If you disable the siren then it would not be so upsetting.

About once every 2-3 months I get Smartthings notification that the house is in an unexpected mode. I use a standalone burglar system for security - we set it off occasionally also. Most burglar alarms are false alarms - any cop will tell you, it’s literally more than 90%. So it makes sense to plan for them - how do you minimize the hassle, and verify an actual alarm? Given the unexpected mode problem, I would disable the Smartthings siren.

I have the sirens disabled now (is there any other option?). I have ADT and rely on them. Yes, even with notifications only, I am getting these in INCORRECT MODE. And it started happening since the last update. Things happening in incorrect mode is not good. It’s not a just a question of sirens. The mode restrictions are not being honored.

When was the update, I haven’t had an update since Last 2015-07-03 2:50 PM UTC.

My current firmware version is 000.013.00013 can someone confirm that is the latest? Can’t believe at least on the status page the most current firmware version is listed, confusion!

It’s the platform update and not the hub firmware update.

Ahhhhh… 10-4, ty … still getting the hang of this stuff lol

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Hey my fellow community members! We realize this is a problem and I am putting it on my radar. For those of you that haven’t please submit a support ticket with our support team (support@smartthings.com) so we can get a handle on how large this issue may, or may not, be.

I’ll keep you all posted with anything I find.

It’s still happening, photo burst trigerred in home mode due to motion in home while mode restriction is set to away. Yet to hear anything from support.

@slagle BTW even the icons have disappeared for dropcams.

I just noticed this too. there is no icon in things view. but the integration is still working for me

As per support:

“This is actually something that very recently popped up for a handful of users. It seems the mode filters are being (occasionally) ignored entirely. It’s something I’m personally championing to get fixed ASAP, as you’ve seen it causes some real nasty situations with alarms, etc.”

Hope they resolve it soon as I will out of the country for three weeks starting next week and have no other option but to unplug the ST hub entirely till I get back as I have no friends and family here who can handle it. At least I don’t have to worry 10000 miles away. :slight_smile: Three weeks break from ST: priceless!

Update alert:

This has been officially prioritized by our engineers. Updates will come as I get them. :smile:

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And the saga continues… :slight_smile: Now the contact sensors on doors has joined the team.

@slagle Any ETA, buddy?

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