Unwanted motion alerts since last platform update

All my motion alerts are set for away mode only. Since the last update, I have started getting motion alerts intermittently in home mode too. Very random but happening frequently. Opened a ticket.

So the obvious possibility is that your automations got broken in the update. I bet if you remove and then reinstall those mode restrictions, the problem will go away. I also bet that Support will tell you the same thing!

Doing that. :frowning: 20 chars.

So let us know (at least 20 chars worth) if it works or not!! :grinning:

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It’s random so will have to wait and see…

I went through the exact same thing a few months ago – i.e., random mode restriction failures right after a platform update. It wasn’t every motion event that failed, just some of them. The fix was the fix, not a problem since…

I got my first phantom garage door open event (in months) on 2015-07-15 9:59:44.797 PM PDT… I wonder if it had anything to do with the update too? Had to power cycle the poor thing to regain functionality.

I recreated all the motion alerts. Earlier I used to get false alerts in the right mode but now since the update I am getting it in the wrong mode. I am randomly getting alerts while at home with alerts are set only for away.

Weird! My basement dropcam detected motion? It’s not even integrated with ST for motion alerts and it is not even supported. This is all happening now after recreating alerts.

Whoo Hoo!!! (20 chars…)

Crap… Did they hook up dropcam motions with ST. Hello @tyler! Thanks, buddy! The fun never stops! It’s a mad mad mad world!!! :wink:

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I don’t believe we’ve made any changes to the Dropcam integration. Even if we did, you’d still have to set up a SmartApp to subscribe to that event for a notification. I think there’s more going on here. Keep on your thread with Support and we’ll figure it out.

Thanks Ron.

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I think what’s happening is that you have “Photo Burst When…” installed, which is taking a picture when motion is detected. The motion is coming from a separate motion sensor.

As far as it executing in the wrong mode… keep on Support about that. I’m not as up to date as those folks :smile:

Yes… I have that installed. And I did let support know about the trigger in wrong mode. Although the photo burst didn’t trigger when it reported “basement drop cam” reported motion. This “basement drop cam” is a dropcam camera display name. Thanks as always! And just to let you know the photo burst absolutely works when I am in the real “Away” mode.

I had the same issue and was requested to reinstall all smartapps related to motion sensor. Reinstalled and it happened again after two weeks. Opened the ticket with support. It has been 10 days and no update from STs side. :frowning:

Now… I have just stopped using motion alerts in Away mode. The problem does not happen anymore… :wink:

I already removed and re-added them and still got it soon after. Hope support will figure it out.

Wow! I had to remove only the alarms! :wink: I am kind of wondering what exactly will I have after eliminating one thing after another… May be just the “hub”! Heheheh!

Got another unwarranted motion alert right now even though home.

Now I am freaking disgusted. The alarm went off in home mode when I opened a door. This is totally unacceptable. Yes I have reported it to support and the response was to check if was in away mode by any chance by clicking on the gear. huh… Removed the alarms from Away mode. Somebody from support should take a look It is sad to see with every passing day, there is a new issue…things happening is incorrect mode is not right at all.

PS: this is related to ST built in motion alerts…and the most basic settings…

I too have the same issue for the past couple of days. One of my motion sensor is constantly triggering turning my lights on then off again. It not suppose to run on unless the LUX is below 200 but the LUX is sitting at a 1000 right now and it’s firing the lights on and off when i walk into the room. I am using Lighting director smartapp to turn on a group of lights.

So must we redo all the setup again after each time ST updates the system? It was embarrassing to have a house full of guess over and the lights were going crazy. One of the guys suggested to be to use the VERA instead. LOL…

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