Phantom Push Notifications from ST

(DanG) #1

I have been receiving push notifications from ST saying I have motion in my garage. In the last six months I have received at least four of these notifications in the middle of the night. Needless to say it is very disruptive because in every case they have been false alarms. I have given up working with the support staff because they claim the problem isn’t with them. Their claim is once the notification is sent out they have no way of knowing if or when the message is delivered. While this may be true, it suggests whatever server they are using for push, it is not working as it should. I am turning to the community in hopes there are others here that understand how it all works and maybe can explain the problem. Attached is a screen capture of the log from the hub (top left), the actual device log (lower left) and the phone screen showing the message. Looking at the logs I see nothing about motion being detected and yet I get these push alarms in the middle of the night. The motion seen from another device a few minutes later is me getting up to check on garage motion false alarm.

If anyone has some insight on what is going on I would really like to hear about it.

(Ron S) #2

@an39511 Quick question…Which brand of motion sensor is it? And is it battery operated? If it is, can you do a battery pull and see if that helps? For me it worked “mostly”.

(DanG) #3

It is the first generation ST motion sensor which is externally powered. I am quite sure it is not the sensor false triggering because there would be an entry in the log showing it reporting motion. The device never reported any. I am just getting push notifications reporting motion. I know others on the forum are having false motion problems and I am hoping people will look at their logs to see if they see entries or there are none.

(Ron S) #4