Issues with notifications and things not working correctly

(Greyson Morrow) #1

So I have an issue with motion detectors sending me messages stating there is motion in a room. The problem with that is I have it set to do that in 2 modes. Bed Time and Away mode. Which we are in the Home mode when I get it. This doesn’t happen for just that. It happens for all motion sensors.

Also, I have an issue where when the mode is Bed Time the siren does not go off when motion is detected. We get a push notification saying there is motion, but it is not setting off the siren. If I go into Things and manually set off the siren it works so I know it can still communicate to it.

Can anyone offer help into these issues? Is my best bet to delete all my smart apps and start from scratch?


I feel your pain. Unfortunately you are not alone in this. Isupport is aware of it, but there are no fixes yet. Please make sure you report it to as they’re looking for all the data they can get.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one. And yes, even in home mode the alarm will sometimes still activate.

I will send them an email now on it.


Maybe so but they are very slow with their communications back. When they do it seems a typical response is, “Huh, must be at your end”.

Yet another schedule that didn’t fire this AM. In fact when I tried to edit it the app kept raising “An unexpected error occurred”.


I have found support to be very helpful and responsive, although occasionally they do send me a link to one of my own FAQ posts in the forum as suggested reading. LOL :wink:

But maybe they’re just used to me by now. It probably helps that I tend to send screenshots of logs or the mobile app demonstrating that the problem is occurring. I know that’s not always possible, or sometimes you don’t have time to do it.

Even when I first bought the product, though, I always found support respectful and interested in finding a solution for me. It’s one of the things that has kept me going with SmartThings. I’m truly sorry if you’ve had a different experience – – the only thing more frustrating than a problem you can’t fix, is a problem that other people think doesn’t exist. As a wheelchair user, I run into that all the time, where people assume that some physical barrier is a trivial issue. So I do understand the feeling.

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+had to unplug… motion notifications, only in away changing to home won’t stop them

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Glad I found this, and others having issues… This has been a regular issue for me lately :\


I’ve had this issue on and off for months. Worked with support who was pretty quick to work with and had me remove all of my third party items (including That may have slowed it down but otherwise I just got a shoulder shrug. I finally had to unplug my siren that was randomly going off even while in home mode and disable most of my motion monitors.

(Greyson Morrow) #9

I really can’t believe this is still an issue for so long. With so many people having this issue I would think SmartThings would put some time behind this to get it working.

All we’ve heard from SmartThings is the Samsung acquisition allows us to have more of a reach for development and things of that nature. Well nows the time to show that.

Any explanation from SmartThings on why this hasn’t been resolved yet and what the status of this widespread issue is? It’s to the point where I can’t set any modes because it just doesn’t work.