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(Ron S) #1

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I started this new topic as it is not only restricted to me having incorrect notications and alerts coming up in incorrect mode. Others have started reporting the same. Things which should happen only in Away mode is happening in Home mode intermittently. We request you you to let the dev team know that this behavior imay be spreading across the platform at least for some of us. It may very well to do with the scheduling of delayed actions introduced in the last platform update.

Scheduler and Polling quits after some minutes, hours, or days
"Notify Me When" app ignoring mode and creating false alerts?
"Notify Me When" app ignoring mode and creating false alerts?
(Mike T) #2

I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing this, and if they’ve found a fix. Beginning about a week ago I started getting motion alerts from the “Notify Me When” app even though I have it configured to send alerts when the mode is Away and I am home. I checked the “Hello Home” log to see if perhaps a presence device was incorrectly saying that I had left, but nope. The mode is Home and alerts are being sent.

I contacted support, they suggested uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I did this, but got another false alert last nite.

Is anyone else seeing this? I’m also a bit puzzled how this can happen since I thought the event processing is done on the SmartThings site, that my hub just sends events to them and they run the apps as configured to produce alerts. If this is the model, why all of a sudden would they be running the app incorrectly?


I posted a problem with mode changing on its own this past Sunday.

(Ash ( / Ashutosh Jaiswal) #4

Has there been any update on this. SmartAlarm has been triggering like crazy although the mode is set to Home. I have left it that way to see if I can capture something in live logging. But I see nothing. Did anyone hear anything new about this?

(Ron S) #5

The modes are pretty much hosed for me and support has been very accommodating but wish the developers were quick enough to fix this which I consider a major major issue. Support keeps me updated. Please open tickets, my friend for every time it fails… Hope then it will get the attention of their developers. Without proper modes, I would classify the platform useless. I don’t think SmartAlarm is the issue. It is the underlying mode changing failing or failing to trigger actions it is supposed to.

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I have been doing that…I know 4-5 other people who have smartthings and all of them have reported the same problem. Its almost like this problem has impacted everyone at least once, if not multiple times. I have been a culprit more than 7-8 times in last one month. So in my opinion this needs to be resolved ASAP.

(Ray) #7

I ended up having to uninstalled Smart Alarm. Notification every minute in home mode. They recommended me to try out smart home monitor but without door entry delay. It’s kind of useless in my case.