Unsupported Devices (Samsung Split AC AR9000, AR7000) - Slovak vs others language of apk

A have Samsung AR9000 (ar12kspdbwkneu) and 2pcs AR7000 (ar09nxwxcwkneu)
Both type seems as unsupported device in ST apk.

Have you any adwice how to connect these units into ST apk?

(Samsung smart home apk is funcional noncorrectly - units ramdomly changed as a floor units - after 2years of using with no problem.
I wrote to Samsung support, but they don´t want find the solution. Their advice - use ST apk, change phone, change router, atc. Very nonprofesional advice.)

I’m a little confused. Do you have a smartthings system (hub of some type)?

which app are you using? Classic or new. There are 3 AR12KS* models that show as devices in the new app. You could try one of them.

I don´t have hub. ACs are directly conectet to my home wifi (as my TV which I can see and control in the apk).
I use apk from google play store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samsung.android.oneconnect).
Smart home apk (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samsung.smarthome) can see ACs and I can connect them to the WiFi. But after a time (randomly), Samsung server change my split units into floor standing AC - I tried that problem with samsung customer service with no succes. They only recomended use ST apk, change my phone,…

If you install the SmartThings app and try to add a device does, tap Air Conditoner, does it find them?

Yes, you have a right. Apk can´t find them

tap the add device manually drop down and choose Air Conditioner

Wow. How surprising is when I have phone in Slovak language I can’t see units (TV I see), I can’t add any device manually (not supported in my location).
For sure I restarted my phone several times.
Then I try use AN language on phone (as an attempt) and all devices registered to my account are in apk without my assistance… I can manage, controll, add new devices manually, all I want :smiley:
Ok, I set my phone back to SK language and everything works.

Thanks for helping me.

So I enjoyed prematurely. If your phone is in SK, ACs will not be accepted.
In the EN language, all OK.

Interesting! Can you change the app language without changing the whole phone?

No, I cant. I´m shocked and horrified.

EN language

CZ language

SK language

Wow. Not sure what to say other than pester Samsung for an answer.

Samsung can´t/do not want help. I wrote them many times.