Samsung Wind Free A/C integration

Hi guys, there is a new model of Split system Air Conditioner being sold in Brazil from samsung , the model is Ar-Condicionado Split Digital Inverter Frio Wind Free (AR12MVPXAWKNAZ). It´s the first model with Wi-Fi system integrated sold in Brazil. My question is if this model can be integrated with ST HUB.

In the oficial samsung website. there is a infiormation that this will work with de APP Smart Things for Android, but it is not saying anything about the HUB ST. Can I integrate it with ST HUB or not?

If it’s a Samsung wifi device then it doesn’t require the hub

Hi Jimmy, thanks by your answer. The problem is that I use the HUB ST APP to do everything in my home and I would like to control my A/C in the APP too. Do you think I will be able to control the A/C this way?

Should be able to using the new app. try going into the new app and searching for that model number to see if it’s available.

In the samsung website says that it will work with Samsung “SMART HOME” app, but I can´t include my SMARTTHING HUB in this APP or my devices. I am not sure if the SMATTHING APP will include this A/C to my home automation. Anyone knows something about?

Did you go into the new app and search the model number on the add device screen?

Hi Jimmy, what do you mean with new APP? Which APP would be this?

The SmartThings (Samsung Conenct) app. The icon is a white background with 6 blue circles.

Jimmy, thanks by explain in details. Yes, in this new APP I found the A/C model. Do you think that it will be compatible in the old APP? Because I use that one because it has much more functions.

probably won’t be compatible in Classic app. You can use both, though. Eventually Classic will be retired and you won’t have a choice.

I have the wind free in the us with WiFi-kit.
It works only with the new smartthings and has limited control to each unit. You can automate all units as a traditional device, but individual units work on their own time schedule system. I’ve also experienced that the first time you connect you get a connection failure, second time it works.