Hi community,

I have my Samsung AC - AR12JSPFBWKNEU
I am not able to add this device in Smartthings, tried it multiple times but app is stucked on screen telling me to press Timer button - AC will enter to AP mode but smartthing app will ends up with some obvious error messages which doesnt really make any sense.

AC is still returning and connecting to wifi that i used to have with name DOMA_2G but smartthing app cannot find it, I tried to rename my home wifi to something else but situation is still same, I tried this with 2 different samsung phones tried to manually setup and assign ip address for AC via DNS settings tried to reboot it by switching it on and of by 3 times holding temp down and set buttons within 30 seconds, could you please give me any advice.

Router type is ASUS RT-AC68U

any suggestion on my issue will be appreciated
Thank you


I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

This forum was set up a number of years ago so that customers could help other customers with the smartthings home automation platform. It’s not officially monitored by Samsung support except to control spam and harassment.

Usually you can get the quickest answers for appliances and televisions by going to the official support forum, which is monitored by Samsung employees. Because the issue is with the app, they may just send you back here, but it’s worth posting over there to see if they can help. Good luck!

Adding some screenshots - i alredy tried to change language on phone as we are located in hunary near the borders and wifi was bought in Slovakia

If the AC is entering AP mode (access point) I would expect to have to connect to it using your phone and selecting that Wi-Fi network which should allow you to then edit/connect it to the network of your choice. Not by using the Smartthings app.

I mean app should setup a bridge between AC Phone and router but in my case this is not happening at all, AC is still in my router connected as device but even 8f i change wifi name and redo this process it is still same thing