Samsung Smart Appliances devices supported?

hi all, is there a list of the samsung smart appliances supported by Smartthings hub?

i currently have a few Samsung wall mounted split air conditioners with wifi enabled that uses: and
but its hard to know if this kind of device is supported or if it will ever be supported!

This would be the place to watch

Samsung has said that in a few years all the appliances will be tied together, probably with something called SmartThings, but whether it will be anything like the SmartThings we know now it’s hard to say. So there’s a strategic direction, but no specific models or timelines.

Leta hope samsung delivers a way to bind its smart appliance devices to smartthings ready protocol! Its a bit disappointing to have such devices with zero compatibility.

Of course this is samsung fault! Not smartthings related

@BrianLee did you ever get your appliances working with ST?