Unreported Issues by Smartthings as of March 22 2021

For the last week, Smartthings has been having issues with turning on and off lights on its own, and setting silly dimmer settings like 3, 4 or 6 percent. It seems like it is screwing up my SweetDreams and Random lights routine. SD is manually activated, and Random Lights should only engage when STHM is set to away, yet it is doing them at home, often leaving my house pitch black which for me is pretty dangerous for me, or lighting the house up and disturbing my child when he is trying to sleep.

I have rebooted the Hub (V2,) I have power cycled it, I have run Zwave Repair but nothing is helping. Any ideas? I have heard of others having similar issues but it has not been reported as an issue on the ST System status site.

Also for a ‘Smart’ system, it still sucks that years later we still have no backup, and when trying to diagnose issues like I am having, the history does not tell me what routine / scene activated a device, only giving a time.

We do get to see when an Automation / Scene / Rule was activated, which is something.

So Smartthings support responded, and wants me to uninstall my phone app and clear the app cache. This annoys me as it has nothing to do with the issue as the routines and scenes are independent of my phone and so they are just picking at straws with no clue as to what is going on, or they do and are just trying to stall me.

When they ask you to do this, ignore them and ask them to escalate the problem. You need to get past 1st level support to actually have any hope of getting help.

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Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:

for me they refused next tier until i sent them video proof

Video proof that you uninstalled the app? I’m not sure how I’d even provide such video proof.

I use this statement, that I saw suggested here in the community:

Your message has not solved my issue, please escalate this to your technical lead and team manager for further assistance.

My observation from half a dozen support tickets over the last year is that first level support is only reading from a diagnosing cheat sheet and has little clue how the product works.

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