What's wrong with SmartThings now? (Poltergeist events)

Is anyone else having random rules from CoRe or routines running?
Or when running routines, somethings don’t work or run.

My house is going crazy these last couple of days, random switches and activities turn on in the middle of the night.
How is ST so unreliable still?

Mine’s been acting flaky. Turning on lights randomly, recirculation pump going on and several times in the soace of a minute. I don’t know if a battery out power cycle will help but it often seems to. I’m going to install a button to do a full cycle by disconnecting the batteries and DC power. I’m just going to hit the reset button. I’m still cutting ST a lot of slack but it is getting old. I really think they need some new talent to steer this project going forward. Someone with a track record.

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I’ve been resetting the hub too but doesn’t do anything.

That would explain why my powder room exhaust fan turned on by itself the other day… For a moment I was going to blame Alexa, that is becoming increasingly useless for home control (having to repeat most commands…), for getting me back for the curses she is occasionally subjected to when she fails to execute simple commands…

I use Alexa all day long, haven’t noticed any particular problems lately. But I use the native integrations for Hue, harmony, and Lutron, not through ST.

I had my first genuine “ghost :ghost:” light switch event today… Well; I didn’t research to see if there may have been an explanation.

A couple days ago, I woke up to a blaring light of a thousand suns beaming down on my eyes around 2:30 am!

The light had mysteriously turned on 100% in the middle of the night…Checked the logs and nothing.

We have a Ghost name Michael (he’s been around for about 15 years…) so I blamed it on him.1st time this has happened so me and my wife asked Michael to stop playing with the lights. Hasn’t happened since. :scream:

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That’s happened to me a couple of times. Every recessed light on the system, about 20 of them, on at 100%. It’s kind of like all the comedies from the 40s through the 70s of computers going haywire. Smartthings is modelled on the computer from the movie “Desk Set.” Needs a hairpin…

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My garage opened last night.
I don’t even have a rule or routine that opens it…

“Close the garage door HAL…” “I’m afraid I can’t do that dseg…”

Sooo today, I had a sensor that has been paired for 2 years, disappear.
Completely gone, tried everything to get it back but it vanished lol
This platform is unreal…

no, it’s real… really flaky at times. really frustrating. and yet, here we still are…

My living room Alexa started telling a story last night without being asked. In the movie I was watching the actor did say “I like a good story” but nothing just prior to that sounded anything remotely like Alexa. The Amazon Alexa app log doesn’t show being asked for a story or even that she told a story.

I used to have my garage doors hooked into smartthings. Mine opened one morning at 3am. Ever since then, anything that can open a door or start a fire is not automated or even known by smarrthings. I might be paranoid though. :slight_smile:

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Garage just opened again by itself.
Man, this thing is super unreliable and dangerous if people are having ST control certain things.
Luckly I have other rules that alert me it was opened.

Can’t wait to get out of ST!!

Garage door opened again last night at 2am.
ST is at the point where it is completely useless.

I am by no means an expert on this. Just have one of those Linear XXXX opener devices too that is goofy on occasion. I’ve concluded 2 things.

You can’t rely on your phone as a presence device to open or close your garage door. Also, that device is really persnickety. Sometimes it stops working for a couple of days (have to do the unplug/plug back in routine) or it just stops working for just 5 minutes. When my wife opens the garage entry door during a specified time frame in the morning, the garage door is suppose to open. If the garage door doesn’t open as it should, she has to actually press the opener button manually! Sometime when she has to do that, the garage door opens 5 to 10 minutes later on its own. Luckily I’m home an my Sonos tells me it’s opening.

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