Unreliable Hue Bulb control over past week

Over the past week, I have had issues with ST controlling my Hue bulbs. For example, I have 5 bulbs to turn on and set brightness to 100% when motion is sensed. Out of the 5 maybe 2 will do what it’s supposed to, 2 will turn on but at 1% brightness and 1 will not turn on at all. Or it can be any other kind of random level. When set to turn off, all but 1 or 2 will still stay on. In the new ST app, the bulbs appear as offline and I am unable to control them but in the old ST app, they appear online and I can control them. I have zero issues controlling the bulbs from the Hue app.

Any suggestions as to what is going on?

1st thing you may want to try… reboot your router, hue bridge and ST hub :slight_smile:

I should have mentioned that I tried that already.