Lost ST control over Hue Bulbs

(Tina Caron) #1

Anyone else lose control over Hue bulbs and lights in the last few days? It seems to have started about the same time as all the other recent issues (last update on the status site was 4/8). At first I thought my schedules were just messed up around sunset/sunrise and sometimes presence detection. I chocked that up to the recent platform issue, and decided to wait it out.

As things have settled down since last week, it has become obvious that the problems I’m having are all with Philips Hue bulbs and friends of hue like Bloom, Iris, and light strips. I’ve tried rebooting both the ST and Hue hubs, checked for firmware and app updates, but nothing seems to improve my ST ability to control these lights. They all work fine through Hue App and on the Harmony commands, but ST rules, routines, and things have no effect. The things in ST seem to think they have been controlled based on button state, but the lights don’t respond. ST routines and rules that are controlling non-Hue lights (other bulb types or switches) are fine.

I have LOT of these things all over my house, built in to lots of rules and routines. I do NOT want to follow the guidance to remove and replace all these devices, which is what I found in the support pages. Not surprising, seems to be the routine suggestion.

A few weeks ago there was another outage that had me scrambling all over and replacing stuff until I realized there was a platform problem. So before I waste a lot of time and energy, is anyone else aware of problems with ST and Hue? Anything else I can try besides recreating a ton of automation routines?

(James) #2

(llcanada) #3

I had the same problem but deleted the Hue Hub from the Smartthing App and reinstall it and it work
once again. I didn’t have to delete the bulbs, after I reinstall the hue hub they were there and working.

(Tina Caron) #4

THANK YOU!!! This was genius. I was trying to figure out how to “re-pair” these two things with no luck. I gotta say, that was scary, but it worked like a charm. Well, mostly. I use the FlexiHue smartapp and it tossed some of the red-bar “unexpected error” messages when I tried to complete the rediscovery of my bulbs, but nevertheless, the routines and rules seem to be in better shape now.

Motion detected “on” is working, lights on/off in routines is working, and my Alexa control of lights is back up to snuff. Things buttons also seem to be perfect again. Now let’s see if my garage outdoor lights go back to realizing when they should be on and off at sunrise tomorrow.

For all the imperfections of this platform, I’m still a fan. The best thing HAS to be this community of users that seem to always come up with a reasonable solution to problems. Thanks again!

(James) #5

You’re welcome but @raulpesch posted the solution.


Worked for me too! Thanks so much for the post.

(Devesh Batra) #7

i had a similar issue with Hue lights not working sometimes from ST after i migrated to a v2 hub till i deleted the old Hue Bridge from the graph.api… website…

ST had both my Hubs listed. the Device ID has the Hue Bridge Serial number… Found my old Bridge and deleted it…