Unpair devices from hub that been reset to factory settings

Hi everyone.
I have a smartthing hub which was reset back to factory settings. From some reason I though it would be easier to reset it VS remove all the devices and reconfigure them :frowning:

My issue is, that this hub had about 30 devices connected to it when the reset took place … and now, I cannot get the hub to recognize the z-wave devices (same devices it was previously connected with).

Any ideas to get the devices (dimmer / pebble switchs, …) back to factory settings so they will try to register themselves again?

I deleted my reply since ST staff had a much better answer.

Hey @shaharg

Even though it’s the same physical hub, it’s a new Z-Wave network now that the Hub has been reset. Z-Wave devices always need to be excluded before they can connect to a new network. You will want to follow the steps for General Device Exclusion here for each Z-Wave device you want to reconnect.