Samsung had to reset hub, lost paring with most devices and I'm unable to pair them again


Samsung had to reset my hub because it was showing as offline while it had a green link. This broke the link to all of my devices. I’ve successfully re-paired 1/2 of my devices but can not get several of them to enter pairing mode following manufacturer or community guides. They are acting like they are still paired even though I’ve removed them from the hub.

Devices I’m having issues with.

Ct101 thermostat
Dome water shut-off valve
First alert smoke+co2 sensor
First alert smoke sensor.

Help is greatly appreciated.

If they are Z-Wave, they each need to be excluded first.

  1. Put the Hub in Z-Wave exclude mode (in the Location settings of the App or at Location - Hub).

  2. Trigger the exclude sequence on your device (often it is the same as include).

  3. Then try adding again.



Sweet! That did the trick…


I had my hub “self reset” using a Samsung team and one support person was able to work with me to restore my devices without having to create new ones. The process is in beta but it does work I hope they eventually release it to the public so folks can restore without losing things they configured.

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Hmmm. This sounds a lot like restoring a configuration backup. Something folks have asked/begged for since the beginning of time.

Could be a huge gain for not only users, but ST Support staff…