RIP smartthings V2

Hello everyone.
So last night wife asked google to turn off the fan but nothing happened. This morning I asked alexa to set temp to a certain number and I got a response that the hub was not connected, check network or power connection. Turned out, when I went on the classic app, it showed hub is offline. I tried restarting it several time but nothing changed. Contacted the support and they said on their end, it shows that the hub was deleted.
Only solution to this is a hard reset they said, and add all the things etc again. Oh well, that’s smartthings. So after resetting, nothing really changed. I can’t find any THING. Nothing is connected anymore.
Am I missing something here guys? I really am thinking about switching over to a different hub. any suggestions?
And also, I just finished setting up everything on Actiontiles last night with a lot of ifttt and piston work.
I really don’t know what to do now. Starting to hate st now.
Any help is appreciated.

Resetting the hub erases everything. What are you expecting to see after the reset?

Sorry, i meant i am trying to add everything again. But i cant seem to connect the devices again. For example the ge zwave switches, do i also reset them somehow? Because they are not showing up. So are the bulbs and outlets etc.

You would need to perform a general device exclusion on your z-wave devices before you can add them


Oh i see. Thank you. Thise devices started showing up now.
I can now add the rest, re do ifttt and pistons. Last question is about konnected. I qm going to install the app again. Some of the sensors etc were not labeled, i will have to add all of them again right? I mean data is gone?
Because i see the original version of the hub with all the devices and apps on the ide, i cant delete it either so i was thinking may be i can move them over to the hub again because they are connected with the old hub name

So i was able to add almost everything back, thanks for the suggestion. Last thing to add was konnected diy boards, once i got to it, found out 1 of the 2 boards has gone bad, It was really hot. The 2nd one showed up with all the connected sensors. Going to order the wifi module next week and ill be done, hopefully.
I guess it was just a bad day for me today.

This morning (11-26-2018) my hub was blinking purple so i fugured there was an update because nothing was showing on smartthing app either. It finally went to solid green, and now its all empty again. Logged in to IDE, no devices and no hub either.
Anybody else with similar issues?

when you login to the IDE are you going to ? Are you also going to your location tab and check if there is a hub assigned to the location?

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@chubban Could you please private message me the email you use for your SmartThings or Samsung account? I would like to look at a few things and see if we can’t help you out.


Yes. It doesn’t show up.

Sent, thank you