I think I done goofed (Upgrade issues)

So I recieved the V2 Hub as a gift, and went through the process of removing all the smartapps and devices (not to many thankfully) and the old hub. Now I can’t re add any of my sensors. After further research I see that they might not have been excluded properly, but I already removed my V1 hub.

I have the smartthings open/close sensor
A Aeon Labs MultiSensor
and a FS20Z-1 Linear relay

Everything else is phones as presense sensors and lights through my Philips hue.

Is there anyway to reset these devices to factory default and start over again? If not, what do I do?

Thank you anyone for your help.

You can put the hub into general exclude mode for zwave devices and reset the devices that way. It doesn’t have to be done on the original hub.
3-pip menu -> my locations -> gear settings menu -> hub -> z-wave utilities

Are you not able to even add your phone, though?

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Thank you! I got the open/close sensor and multi sensor working, now if I can just figure out the Linear exclusion procedure I should be golden.

I am able to add my phone, and my philps hue hub, it was just the z-wave specific devices that didn’t want to join again.

Excellent. Glad you got things connecting again. :smile: Hopefully you can find the relay manual online to get the reset instructions sorted out.

RE: Linear

“Tap, tap, tap, hold” to exclude per http://www.nortekcontrol.com/pdf/manuals/FS20Z1_manual.pdf

Thank you! I did figure this out, after about 10 tries I gave up and went looking for more info, turns out that it’s just really really picky on how you do it, ended up trying about 15 more times at 1 AM. I’m sure my neighbors must think i’m nuts.

I did, the key issue for me was getting into exclusion mode, after that it was just figuring out how to exclude each device. I very much appreciate your help!

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