Hub v2 won't detect or add any devices

When trying to reset my Smartthings account to remove a new location created by the Smartthings Connect App, it deleted my original location and hub, all my devices, device handlers and smartapps :frowning:

Since then I have had no success re-adding my devices back using either the Smartthings Classic or Smartthings Connect App. It goes into pairing mode (confirmed through Live Logging) but it will not detect or connect. I have so far tried:

  1. Factory Resetting the Hub
  2. Restarting my router
  3. Moving the hub to within 2 feet of the nearest device (GE On/Off Paddle Switch)
  4. Turned off Device Health
  5. Tried Z-wave Repair even though no devices are connected

This is very frustrating.

You need to exclude all those devices first, and then rejoin them.


Do a general device exclusion on any z-wave devices before trying to add.


Thank you both. That worked. More effort than I thought but everything is now back to normal.

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