Unlock the doors when i arrive with my phone

hi, i have the st link and i have 2 different accounts on my ST. I set up both iPhones as present sensors, how i unlock the doors when i arrive with my phone?

Easiest way is to setup via a “Routine” such as “I’m Back” which should be based on your presence and you choose which doors you want to unlock when you get home. If you were using WebCoRE you can add conditions to “TRY” to reduce any unwanted openings, but still no guarantee it won’t unlock for an unwanted reason.
Also there is the “Enhanced Auto Lock Door” in the official marketplace under safety & security. You can use that app to base the locking/unlocking on a contact sensor, such as a garage door.

As mentioned above, a routine can do this. Make sure to set it to only run in certain modes so it doesn’t run in Night mode.

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so i created a routine name it unlock. Give the options -turn on the light or switches ( i don’t need )
-turn off these lights or switches
-set smart home monitor to ( i put to disarm )
unlock these doors ( i put to unlock )

  • change mode to ( left it blank
    additionally settings:
    automatically perform unlock when
  • someone arrives ( i put my phone not my wifes )
    Do i need to something else on the advanced options?

so in additional settings i put to not automatically perform this in the night mode. What is mean in the night mode? Usually i come home late night.

Its a good idea to use the pre-built Routines SmartThings provides to change the modes of your house. A mode is basically the current state of your house (Home, Away, Night). This way you can use modes to filter certain automations from happening or not happening. You could have added the unlock to the pre-built I’m Back routine which also changes your mode to Home.

You may find it helpful to read through the articles on the SmartThings support website.

It covers things like what is a routine, or what is a mode?



thank i add it to the i am back routine, in the advanced options and -dont automatically do this if i am in one of these modes- i have to put Home? sorry for the many questions i am new to the smart things.

It sounds like you want this routine to run anytime you arrive at home regardless of time of day?

If you don’t know what the modes mean, then you don’t have to make use of them.

Read the basic support articles and if you think you’re interested in using modes to restrict certain automations, then you can start experimenting with that.