Please help me QA my Routine - "I am Back"

Very simple thing. I want to ensure that whenever my wife or I coming home after sunset the routine to simply open the door lock, and turn on lights lights in two rooms and set thermostat to 73, that is it.
Here is how i have this routine set up.

Under “Additional Settings” under “Someone Arrives”

The ST recognizes that my phone “has arrived” it turns on the lights no problem, but with the lock it was hit and miss. It has opened the lock for me once or twice, but for the most part it does not unlock it for some reason.
When I go to “Activity Feed” it shows that my phone recognized and actions are taken (turning lights, setting up thermostat), but no action send to the lock.

One thing to note, my wife was home at the time and ST knew that she was present. However, not sure it is relevant because under “Additional Setting” , under “Someone Arrives” trigger it says Perform Routine when “Any of These People” arrive: Me or My Wife. So I figure no matter if I am home and wife arrives, or the other way around, the routine should open the lock, no?

One more thing to note. I also have “Smart Lighting” app which supposed to run at night “Arriving Home At Night”

Could it be that the “Smart Lighting” app takes over the Routine of “I am Back After Sunset”?It looks like the “Smart Lighting” performs the routine, because it seems the lights are all turned on, but no record of thermostat set to the commanded temperature, nor lock command perform.

Sorry, long post, but hopefully I provided enough info to help me figure out what is wrong with my setting.

Thank you.

Best I can say while I have a quick moment is try one thing at a time and build on it. Of the two things you list, pick one and get it working. Not that ST can’t do hundred things at once (it can), but it won’t stop you from creating conflicting issues. Just a quick thought if someone doesn’t see the issue immediately here.

Because of the mode change, your routine will only work for the first person who comes home. See the following FAQ for how to fix this (this is a clickable link)

For some unknown reason to me, I could not get door unlock to be consistent with mode changes either.

I resulted to unlocking at device level.

I made two different routines:

  1. First Person Home - unlocks door lock, sets all the proper temp, lights, and changes mode to Home
  2. Second Person Home - unlocks door lock. That is it.

This set up seems to be working for me. When we are both coming home at once from shopping for instance, the ST performs, First Person Home, followed by Second Person Home at once.