Getting a Routine to Happen Automatically with Presence Sensors


I am new to this, and after adding lights and switches, I just added a couple of compatible Schlage lever locks, and the Linear garage openers. They respond to commands from the iphone OK, but they do not execute automatically with . Specifically, I created a routine for my arrival, where the garage door opens and the front door opens, and I clicked on “Automatically performs routine when…” and then “Someone arrives” and I chose my iphone. Well, it doesn’t work, my iphone is recognized as “present” but it does not open garage door or schalge lock. Any thoughts? Thanks! Yustos

This may have nothing to do with it, but just in case…

A common area of confusion for people new to SmartThings is that a routine will not run at all if you include the mode change and your house was already set to that particular mode before the routine started.

So if if by chance you have your arrival routine set to change the mode to “home” and your house is already in “home” when you test, and nothing will happen.

The following is a clickable link. It is a FAQ on why returning home routines often have to be set up one for each person, because the first person coming home will cause the mode to change to home and then The routine doesn’t run for the second person coming home. I know that’s not the exact issue you’re seeing, but just in case it’s related this might be of interest:

There is no built in way to toggle modes through the SmartThings mobile app. Fortunately, You can easily set up a test routine that does nothing except change to a new mode called test and use that.

Anyway, I understand this may have nothing to do with the issue you’re seeing but just in case, I thought I would share the information. It often comes up when testing arrival routines. :sunglasses:

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Ok thanks @JDRoberts, so is it better to configure the routine to “change the mode to…” choose “All Modes” ? or what do I do to solve that problem? Thanks!

I made a second routine called larrys back no mode change.

So that if both my wife and I return at the same time… it will still fire even if her return changes the mode to home,

Mine still fires and my garage door still opens at the same time hers does or shortly after/before. Assuming we both have our keys with the presence sensor with us.

Thanks Larry @Lgkahn, this is very helpful :smile:

If you want to cover all possibilities and you have two people who might come home, then you make four routines.

  1. person a arrives home, routine only does the mode change

Two) person a arrives home, routine does all the other stuff but no mode change. This would typically be unlock lock or open the garage door or turn on some lights.

Three ) Person B arrives home, routine only does the mode change

Four) person B arrives home, routine does all the other stuff but no mode change

That way no matter who arrives home in what order, the mode gets changed for the first person who arrives home and the other stuff happens for both people at the time of each person’s arrival.

Thanks @JDRoberts! that works! :smile:

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