New bond fan controller?

Anyone know anything about this? Would solve a ton of my issues, but I subscribe to the idea that if it seems to good to be true it probably is! They do advertise ST compatibility though…

Aren’t most of the current fan controls RF and not IR? Or does this mimic the RF? The Faq semes rather faqless.

$99.00 seems a tad high IMHO

Could be great, could be crap. That’s the problem with vaporware, it doesn’t really exist yet. Not for actual sale and real-world testing, at least.

It’s my understanding that a new improved Bond Controller is currently in Beta testing.
Here’s their updated website:

IF and as usual BIG IF that works with split AC and ceiling fans - I’m in.

I received my Bond 3 weeks ago. Setup was a breeze and it controls all three of my Home Depot Decorators Collection RF remote fans and lights. ST integration is minimal at present (through ifttt). $99 vs $90 each fan if I went with replacement controllers.

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