New bond fan controller?

(Christine Oliver) #1

Anyone know anything about this? Would solve a ton of my issues, but I subscribe to the idea that if it seems to good to be true it probably is! They do advertise ST compatibility though…

(Paul Haskins) #2

Aren’t most of the current fan controls RF and not IR? Or does this mimic the RF? The Faq semes rather faqless.

$99.00 seems a tad high IMHO

(Mark) #3

Could be great, could be crap. That’s the problem with vaporware, it doesn’t really exist yet. Not for actual sale and real-world testing, at least.

(Dan Crandall) #4

It’s my understanding that a new improved Bond Controller is currently in Beta testing.
Here’s their updated website:

(Paul Haskins) #5

IF and as usual BIG IF that works with split AC and ceiling fans - I’m in.

(Richard Dyer) #6

I received my Bond 3 weeks ago. Setup was a breeze and it controls all three of my Home Depot Decorators Collection RF remote fans and lights. ST integration is minimal at present (through ifttt). $99 vs $90 each fan if I went with replacement controllers.

(Chris H) #7

More active thread on Bond here: