Home Depot Universal Wifi Ceiling Fan Controller - 99434

Starting a new thread to discuss the universal wifi ceiling fan controller which is sold by Homedepot and available from this link https://www.homedepot.com/p/Universal-Smart-Wi-Fi-4-Speed-Ceiling-Fan-Remote-Works-with-Google-Assistant-SmartThings-and-Alexa-99434/311264804

This ceiling fan controller uses the Bond app, but is not to be confused with the separate BOND remote control device. The Universal WIFI ceiling fan controller is a two piece unit which has a separate canopy module and remote, so can turn any AC motor powered “dumb” fan into a remote controlled smart fan. The canopy module connects to your wifi network, so this is not a zwave/zigbee device. There is a smartthings integration so it can be fully integrated. Several forum users, including @troy_owens and @mvevitsis are using it and have recommended it to others.

Compatible with Alexa and Google voice, and may be an option for the now discontinued zigbee WINK/Hampton Bay controller. Installation video available here as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jRqtwj1xu8 . I don’t personally have this device, but please feel free to share your experience with it here.


I use it. Fast two way communication (or three way if you count the remote). Official ST c2c integration so it’s guaranteed to work.

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I am interested in installing this device for my fans. I noticed the Hampton bay controller has been discontinued. This one seems that it may be a better option for SmartThings, will it still require third party device handlers?

It uses cloud to cloud integration through the Bond app. No device handler needed.

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All you need is to log in to your bond account and authorize smartthings.

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