Home Depot Universal Wifi Ceiling Fan Controller - 99434

Starting a new thread to discuss the universal wifi ceiling fan controller which is sold by Homedepot and available from this link https://www.homedepot.com/p/Universal-Smart-Wi-Fi-4-Speed-Ceiling-Fan-Remote-Works-with-Google-Assistant-SmartThings-and-Alexa-99434/311264804

This ceiling fan controller uses the Bond app, but is not to be confused with the separate BOND remote control device. The Universal WIFI ceiling fan controller is a two piece unit which has a separate canopy module and remote, so can turn any AC motor powered “dumb” fan into a remote controlled smart fan. The canopy module connects to your wifi network, so this is not a zwave/zigbee device. There is a smartthings integration so it can be fully integrated. Several forum users, including @troy_owens and @mvevitsis are using it and have recommended it to others.

Compatible with Alexa and Google voice, and may be an option for the now discontinued zigbee WINK/Hampton Bay controller. Installation video available here as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jRqtwj1xu8 . I don’t personally have this device, but please feel free to share your experience with it here.


I use it. Fast two way communication (or three way if you count the remote). Official ST c2c integration so it’s guaranteed to work.

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I am interested in installing this device for my fans. I noticed the Hampton bay controller has been discontinued. This one seems that it may be a better option for SmartThings, will it still require third party device handlers?

It uses cloud to cloud integration through the Bond app. No device handler needed.

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All you need is to log in to your bond account and authorize smartthings.

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Can this device be used through WebCoRE?

yes it can be used in webcore

Found it, thanks. One additional question if you don’t mind, can two fans in the same room be controlled with a single remote?

I’m not sure as the remote has a programming button rather than dip switches. I’m guessing probably not

Thanks, I appreciate the response. Looking further into it it appears the remotes, while learning remotes, only support one device.

Yes thats what I was thinking. The previous version of the device was zigbee and had the dipswitch settings where one remote could control more than one fan.

I suspect I could accomplish the same thing within WebCoRE… I like the device, just need some time to play with it and figure out how best to implement it. Again, I appreciate your thoughts and help.

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