Universal Guide Card and Live Cast features (Samsung TV) to be removed from SmartThings App

They are related the Samsung smart televisions.

Ok. Can you provide screenshots of what these look like please?

I have also managed to get a reply from Broadlink on twitter regarding their IR integration. Here it is.

Unfortunately not the best responce…

I don’t have a Samsung television, I’ve just read about the features in the past.

Universal Guide:

Live Cast:

Strange these look like features that came with the new app…


They were pointless inclusions from the start, no loss loosing them, like 98% of the apps on a Samsung Tv, completely and utterly useless, there to bulk it out and make the Tv app store look good

Universal guide card has always been an annoyance. Glad to see it going.


The televisions had their own app for awhile, then it got folded in with the V3 SmartThings app, so a lot of television features were “added” at that time but really they were just migrating from the old television app. Same with the smart appliance features.