SmartThings Client App and integration on Samsung HDTVs

I’ve been searching the internet, YouTube, and, but I haven’t came across much information at all about the SmartThings Client App that is available on the the Samsung HDTVs.

Does anyone know where I can find detailed information about the SmartThings Client App on Samsung HDTVs?

I’m in the market for a new HDTV, and want to see what the SmartThings Client App on Samsung HDTVs looks like and does and the integration of what can be controlled on the Samsung HDTV via SmartThings. No stores I’ve been to have a demonstration of the SmartThings Client App on HDTVs. The SmartThings Client App on Samsung HDTVs might just be my final motivation to get one of the Samsung QLED HDTVs over other HDTV brands.

Is the SmartThings Client App on Samsung HDTVs the same as the new SmartThings Connect App? Does it show camera groups just like the new Connect App does? I have questions, but so far no where to find, or especially SEE AND VIEW a demonstration video of the SmartThings Client App in operation on Samsung HDTVs.

I’m currently using CEC integration for just on/off control of my present TV via an Amazon Fire TV device and Alexa via a SmartThings developer uDTH virtual device handler (Universal virtual DTH by Mike Maxwell) as an virtual open/close sensor to turn on/off the TV when I’m not in proximity to use the Alexa voice command of the Fire TV device. This setup is just a bit hit and miss.

I just got a Q70 over Black Friday. For automations, you can use on, off and source as a trigger. For actions, you Have these available (weather and headlines are available when activating ambient mode)

The app on the TV itself is somewhat basic. It’s similar to the UI in the new/V3/Connect app. You can activate devices, scenes and view cameras. I think you can view camera groups, but I only have one camera connected (ring), so don’t know for sure. Pretty sure I saw it at CEDIA, though. You can also set per camera if you want a notification with live feed to pop up based on motion and/or button press (doorbell) which is very nice. One thing you can’t do is organize the app at all. So if you have a lot of devices like I do it’s cumbersome to use to control devices. Not that I see much of a need for this since voice is easier.

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Thank you so much for all this information. Cool to see the Q70 mention since that’s what I’m leaning to myself!

I especially like the screenshot showing the integration of the Samsung HDTV as a device. It’s great to know I can control the source input. That way the TV can be setup to come on to the over the air (OTA) turner as the source to make noise and flicker TV light when I’m not home providing the appearance that someone’s in the home watching TV.

Does the Change Sound Mode control internal and external sound source, or does it control Movie, Sports, Cinema, and other sound ambiance modes?

As for the app (since it has no customization as you advised), do you see the devices in Rooms at all? Does it list stuff alphanumerically or just randomly?

It’s for the internal speakers. I have a 5.1 system, so got a Denon AVR-S650H. Super easy 1 HDMI cord setup since both support eARC. Also ditched my Roku since the Samsung app catalog had the apps I needed. Both the Q70 and Denon support AirPlay, so that’s very convenient.

It organizes by rooms, but it’s totally random past that as far as I can tell.

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Thank you very much, and Happy Holidays with your new Q70!

No problem!

The Samsung QLED HDTV as a device in the new SmartThings Connect app looses connection after the HDTV is has been off for a while. SmartThings shows it as offline where there’s a greyed-out little could symbol with a slash though it. So no Automations, Scenes, or anything else works which makes the HDTV as a SmartThing completely useless. I’d really like to trigger turning on the HDTV from SmartThings sensors when certain times/conditions are met, but I can’t since SmartThings doesn’t see the HDTV as online and accessable. I’ve logged out of my Samsung account on the HDTV and deleted it from SmartThings, then re-added it, but this problem still exists.

That’s not the only thing about the Samsung QLED HDTV because the Bixby integration is totally clueless, but that’s a topic for the Samsung HDTV forum and not this forum.

Are you connected via WiFi or Ethernet?

I had the same issue on my samsung smart tv, although not a q series. To fix it i had to go to settings, general, network, expert settings then enable IP Remote. Your menus are probably different but that fixed the issue for me of the tv going offline after being turned off a while.

prjct92eh2> I’m connected via Ethernet, not wireless.

acburnett> The menus were the same to turn on ‘IP Remote’ so I enabled it. Thanks.

As weird as it sounds, That’s a problem. Some features aren’t available when connect via Ethernet compared to WiFi

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Confirmed, the Samsung HDTV doesn’t constantly work with Ethernet when it’s off, but does over WiFi.

That’s really unbelievable since I would prefer using wired Gigabyte Ethernet over the saturated WiFi since there are so many 802.11 signals jamming up all the frequencies as I live in an apartment complex with lots of neighbors. It’s hilarious when I bring up a WiFi signal analyzer app and see nothing but saturation all over the 2.4 and 5ghz spectrums which include the commercial WiFi service providers on top of my neighbors.

Oh well, I guess I really don’t need the feature that much since I’m going back to Ethernet instead of trying to compete with the WiFi saturation.

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