SmartThings Connect app and Samsung TV Universal Guide

Everytime I edit the SmartThings Connect app home page on my Android devices to disable and/or move the Samsung TV ‘Universal Guide’, the thing just keeps coming back on when I disabled it, and it always appears back on the top of the list no matter where I put it on the list. I really don’t want to see it in the SmartThings app, but it just keeps coming back no matter what I do.

To me, it is nothing more than an advertisement since they want you to buy movies and stuff from their service.

I’ve already did the trick in the Samsung HDTV settings using paternal controls to lock the Universal Guide app from auto popping open when I’m scrolling through the HDTV Smart Hub so that’s something, but the Universe Guide in the SmartThings app is annoying since it keeps appearing at the top where I only want the STHM to be, and not the Universal Guide which I’ll never use.

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Damn, guess they didn’t fix that bug on Android. iOS was fixed a couple releases ago.

Jimmy, I remember your advice about SmartThings not being able to turn the HDTV on after it has been off for a while when it is connected using Ethernet vice Wireless.

Well, this morning since I haven’t turned on the TV yet, I went to edit the SmartThings homepage and noticed the Universal Guide isn’t even listed in SmartThings right now which is probably because the Samsung TV is showing Offline because I’m using the Ethernet connection. When I turned the TV on, the Universal Guide showed back up in all it’s glory at the top of the SmartThings homepage.

So, your advice on not using the wired connection to keep the Samsung TV online in SmartThings seems to also apply to this problem as well. I’ll switch the TV to wireless to confirm, but I’m sure using the wired connection is causing this now. I sure wish that Samsung would just fix the wired connection status on these QLED HDTV’s.

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You want to report this bug to the TV division, that sounds like a bug with the TV firmware.

It may not be fixable. i.e. if the ethernet port gets power cut when the TV is off, but the wifi chip doesn’t.

I guess Samsung never heard of ‘Wake in Lan’ technology then. I would think that while in standby the Wireless chip would draw more power than an Ethernet port would.

Anyway, using the Ethernet port instead of wireless is causing this issue since it hasn’t happened for the last few days that I’ve been using wireless.

My wireless router sits right below the HDTV so there’s less than two feet between the Ethernet ports which is one reason why I used the Ethernet connection.

Oh well, I’ll either just leave it on wireless or have to live with these various bugs if I want to use the Ethernet connection.