Smartthings App on Samsung TV

So, I bought a 2020 TU8000 Samsung TV that was supposed to have the Smartthings app included according to the e-manual and the e-manual I downloaded on the device page at …it doesn’t nor can I find it in the app store. Has Samsung pulled the app from from TV’s?

My TV still has the app.

Vanished on my 7 series about a month or so ago, no official chat about it, it just vanished

Well, at least i, not the only one. Any Smartthings staff to weigh in? This was one of my decision points of purchasing the TV and it’s unavailable. Spent 45 minutes on the phone with support and they agreed it should be on the TV at shipping. Escalated to Smartthings tech.

Thats really weird because they completely overhauled the app on mine sometime in the last few months. I had to go and sign in and change some settings that weren’t there before.

I had it but it never connected to the Samsung server, always threw an error , then one day it just got deleted without any interaction from me , it just vanished, since then I check the Tv each time I turn it on but no sign of the app in the tv app store

And it has never shown up on my 6 series tv

Very strange indeed

Yeah, it was never an option on the 6 series

Yeah, a real beef to me that as the Tv was sold with an alleged Hub within the Tv, it may well have been in there but it never got activated, and the bloody great Smartthings banner in the app store changed to Smart Tv, and has always been there doing nothing accept ##ssing me off

Hate to break the news to you but for 2020 models the Smartthings dashboard doesn’t start till the Q60T model. The e-manual is most likely the same across all models.

I know the customer service rep said it should be on there, but they are incorrect. The RU8000 has smartthings dashboard but not the TU8000

Thanks…boxing up and sending back. Absolutely ridiculous.

Yeah sorry man. Were you looking to be able to see cameras on screen or just control your devices? Reason I’m asking is the dashboard doesn’t have the greatest layout if you have a lot of devices anyways. So I would recommend probably just using Google assistant or alexa built into your tu8000 remote.

If you were looking to see Arlo or Ring doorbell cams that maybe more difficult work around

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Was looking to use Smartthings cams.

Ahh gotcha. I’ve got an older model with the dashboard so I cant speak to the new Google or Alexa integration. There maybe a way of seeing cams that connect through their cloud service, but I havent tried.

I just got 2 ru8000 televisions this month. Had to go into settings and run a system update to get the smartthings menu on the tv’s working . It’s not as good as the phone app, but the bixby voice button on the remote is convenient for turning things on and off.

Yeah I remember all the backlash over the Smartthings dongle
. Apparently, several people got complete refunds because of the fiasco.

This is the most accurate info on which TVs support the SmartThings app on the TV I am aware of:

The Ring Doorbell Pro can be monitored within the SmartThings app on your phone, and on 2018 Samsung smart TVs (models NU7400 and above), 2019 Samsung smart TVs (RU7400 and above) and 2020 Samsung smart TVs (TU8500 and above).

@troy_owens Can you check which firmware version your TV is reporting? The current user manual online for the TU8000 has “KT2ATSCT-2.1.5” in the file name. I believe that is a firmware version and am curious if your TV is on that version or later. Thanks!

that is the correct file name it is version 1401

Thanks for checking that. I do believe it is the latest available firmware.