SmartThings app removed from TV

I purchased a Samsung TV with the belief that it would work with SmartThings. I saw the app on the TV but it just gave a place to sign up for updates when available. Yesterday I got a message that the app no longer exists and the icon deleted itself after I acknowledged the message box. Does this mean that the TVs will no longer work with SmartThings?

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I just got my TV as well and it had the SmartThings card in it for a free Extend adapter and it said to sign up thru the App on the TV first then go to the website to order it. I was looking everywhere in the App Store on the TV for the SmartThings App and it was nowhere to be found. Between this and what you are saying it sounds like they may have dropped the support for it completely. I really hope I am wrong.

The app was changed a bit in one of the recent TV firmware updates. It’s still available in the Tizen App Store if you’re running the compatible versions of TV firmware.

The app is only useful if you’re already a member of our Extend Early Access Program.

@Tyler How about bringing this back, the old app for Samsung tv’s? I have the bugs worked out. Speaking of Tizen, I have an app for gear S3 now for smartthings, anyway of working on one for my 9 series tv’s?

So what you are saying is this card that came with my TV is completely wrong??? I don’t sign up thru the app like it says and I don’t get a free extend adapter like it says??? Why even put a card like this in the box? Very disheartening!!

As far as the App being available, it has the most recent firmware as of 3 days ago - I updated it when I set it up. I go into the app store and do a search for smartthings and get zero results.

Yes, the process was changed since that card was printed (over a year ago?). will continue to have the latest information.

@crussell sounds cool, but I don’t know! I sent you an invite to our Developer Slack group and I’d be happy to follow up there.

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Will I be able to get the free adapter like the card says? There is no expiration date or exclusions anywhere on the card.