Unavailable devices.....that still work

I didn’t actually do anything but everything is up and running again. But I still can’t figure out how to turn off the Device Health option, but since I didn’t mess with that setting, this was not the issue.

Just so you know in the future, you can turn off device health by tapping the hamburger menu on the top left and you should see the toggle for device health. At least that’s how it is on Android.


Wow thanks!!! It was right under my nose. I was expecting to find it buried deep not right out on top.

It was on BTW…

Also email support when device health doesn’t work right. They are really trying to make it a meaningful solution. It called out one of my PITA Xiaomi water sensors today that had been working fine for 2 weeks.

I turned off Device Health and rebooted the hub. Problem completely solved.


Any solution on this, I’m having the same problem

As has been mentioned, turn off Device Health until they get it fixed. It currently does nothing good and may even be the source of the your devices going offline. Just turn Device Health off and wait.

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Turning off Device Health and rebooting hub (v2) didn’t fix it for me.

I see random devices - both Z-Wave and Zigbee - unresponsive in the ST app.

Similar to other reports, the strange thing is that Alexa and IFTTT work great on all the devices that ST can’t control on its own. I thought I was crazy.

All my sensors are showing as unavailable.

As of yesterday I have the opposite problem. 39 devices that are now ‘offline’ in the smartthings app, but actually work fine. I can control them in the app, and automations (webcore, smart lighting) still work. But the devices are ‘offline’ according to device health and can’t be controlled by Alexa anymore.

Driving me nuts. Reboots, resets, attempts to ‘replace’ a device aren’t solving the problem. I opened a ticket with smarthings support but based on this thread I don’t have my hopes up.

Same problem here. I have a LOT of devices unavailable.

Hey @SMARTTHINGS - Are you listening? Are you doing anything about this. HELLLOOOOO. IS ANYONE AT SAMSUNG HOME?


I reported this to support, and waiting on an answer. I have had Z-Wave, Z-Wave plus, zigbee and WiFi devices all say unavailable in the app and on the IDE, but all work with the app, ActionTiles, and automatons. Very confusing. The good thing is they all come back online in about ten to fifteen minutes. I think I am going to use pollster to keep them going. Not sure it will work, butit usually is the same devices.

This worked.

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So I’m baffled. I have an Android and there is no hamburger menu on the top left. So I am unable to toggle device health. I actually have no menu at top left. At bottom, I have Dashboard, Devices, & Automations. At the top right, I have a three dot menu that has Manage Dashboard, Notification History, Tips, How to Use, Settings, Notices, and Help. What am I missing?

EDIT: Never mind, I found it in the SmartThings classic app. The new app, which is the one my lock shows disconnected, doesn’t have that setting.

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