Devices Offline and Unavailable

yes it happened to me too. It had to be as I was going to bed and noticed lights still on that should be off. After a lot of frantic activity to reconnect on ST and then Philips Hue and a few choice words that I will not repeat here I ripped out lights from their electric sockets and went to bed.
In the cold light of day and after spending a few fruitless hours trying everything I could to preserve my routines and my devices I was forced to start again. I have a Samsung SmartThings with some SmartThings plugs and sensors plus a Philips Hue Bridge and a Lutron Bridge. I could not control anything in SmartThings App. All of the Hue connected devices went off line according to SmartThings App but still available on the Hue App. Fearing that I would loose everything if I did a ST Hub reset, I tried reconnecting the Hue lights and then some of the Philips light- no luck. I tried powering off everything and even repairing the Z-wave network and turning off the device Health and ST Hub reboot as some have suggested. Nothing.
Eventually I decided I would need to start from scratch but first I just did a hard reset on the ST Hub (with a pin) and the remaining devices; the Samsung plugs and the Lutron dimmers worked. I tried adding a Philips lights and all were found. I then added the lights back to all of the ST routines.
Shouldn’t we get a discounted price on future devices because of the wasted time and energy working on a half baked solution such as ST. There are no basic utilities or functions to back up/restore or export and import devices and routines that we must rekey each time that the ST systems cr*ps out. If it continues to fail shouldn’t we campaign to at least get a workable routine and device list so that we can simply (and mindlessly) rekey all again…and AGAIN…

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Same pain for me. I can get Wemo switches working through the Wemo app and Alexa but not through the SmartThings app. I made a custom SmartApp which runs correctly in the Simulator but won’t connect or run from my phone (all devices are offline). I tried deleting the devices and adding them back without any success.