Unable to pair Schlage BE369 lock to smartthings hub V2

I just purchased and set up my smartthings hub today. I am migrating from a Nexia Bridge. I assumed that the Schlage BE369 lock would be supported, but was told tonight when I called that it is not. Based on my cursory review of lock documentation, the BE369 and the FE599 (which is supported) appear technically to be the same - one has a lever and the other does not.

I have 3 of these locks and would prefer not to replace them. Any ideas about what is different between the two? Any ideas or help on getting them paired?

There are community members using that model. But pairing can be finicky. And remember that you will have to exclude the lock from your old system before you can add it to your new one.

Follow the following instructions exactly. Don’t skip any steps even if you think you did them before. ( this is a clickable link.)

1 Who did you call ?
2 You need to get a long Ethernet cable to bring the hub within 3 feet of the locks for proper inclusion.
3 search this forum for Schlage BE369 & you will find several threads on it. Including links to the proper device type & app for it to work with ST.

Also, that model is in the official knowledge database so I’m not sure who told you it wouldn’t work:

I called the help number from the ap. They said the FE599 was supported, but not the BE369.

It should work. It’s just a pain to get paired.