HELP! Schlage Lever FE599 won’t go into pairing mode

Hi All! I have the Schlage lever FE599 and it won’t go into pairing mode. It is brand new and I think I have tried everything:

Bringing it close to hub
Resetting the Device
Device Exclusion

I put in my programming code, hit the Schlage button, then hit 0. It brinks orange twice then blinks red.

Any advice what to do?


just checking… you are putting the hub into inclusion mode, then entering the programming code, hit schlage button then hit 0?

I hit the add device on the app before I put the programming code in

I’ve currently got the lock right next to my V3 hub and it’s blinking green

tagging @RBoy the lock expert on the forum

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Thanks! I’ll wait for his response

Blinking red means the pairing failed. Power down the hub for 2 minutes and then exclude and try pairing it again.