Schlage Connect and Samsung Connect Pro

I’ve been trying to pair this for hours and can’t figure out how to do it correctly. It seems to pair on the phone when I add it manually but never successfully pairs on the lock itself. As in I never get the green check mark on the keypad. What this results in is while the Z-Wave lock is in the app, it does not show status or battery life and when I press buttons, nothing happens.

I’ve read through a variety of threads that suggest putting the Hub right next to the lock and using the Z-Wave exclusion, I have tried both with the same result.

Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated.

I just tried to do factory reset and tried again. Still no luck - any tips?

Schlage locks are good locks, but they can be tricky to pair. Unlike other brands which will typically leave the lock in a “ready to pair” state if the pairing doesn’t work perfectly, for whatever reasons Schlage will sometimes allow the lock to pair even though the encryption key was not exchanged. In that case you get exactly what you’re seeing – – the lock shows up in the things list as Z wave device, but you can’t do anything with it.

This is an officially compatible device, so you can contact support and get their help.

Otherwise, if you feel up to going through it again, follow the steps in the following FAQ exactly. Don’t change anything and don’t skip anything even if you think you already did it before.

This is the method that has had the most success for people in the community trying to do it on their own.

Here are the instructions for doing the general exclude when you get to that part of the instructions in the FAQ. that will fix the previous bad pairing. Use the instructions in the second half of the support article for a “general device exclusion.”

But again, support can help if you get in touch with them.