Is your dashboard loading?

(Ron S) #1

iOS. Mine is stuck at spinning wheel forever. Hub rebooted… Iphone rebooted.

(Bernie H) #2

Same here on Android and can’t get into IDE

(DLee) #3

Same, Oauth based connections (wall mount dashboard) were also unable to connect to for a few minutes.

Seems resolved now…


mine is back up now on Android

(Ron S) #5

Same here on iOS. Back to life.

(Mike Maxwell) #6

Dang it @smart !, wish you’d stop breaking ST!

(Ron S) #7

@Mike_Maxwell you taught me more than half the things that I can and attempt to do and this one I so totally learnt from you… :wink: my tutor… My mentor… And my lord…the next few Saturdays, ST is safe as I am busy watching World Cup cricket 2015 and at least Roku 3 is not integrated with ST. So better code on the days when there is a India match.