Smartapp Preferences wont Load - "Something's Wrong" Error

A smartapp (Simple Device Viewer) that has been running (unmodified) for over 1 1/2 years suddenly will not allow me to load its preferences. After watching the busy cursor for a while the ST mobile app displays the screen “Something’s wrong. We cant load your screen right now”. I checked a few of my other smartapps and they load the preferences just fine. I also checked the log and it displays nothing pertaining to this app.

Anyone having loading prefernces problems with this or any other smartapp??

Same here with a new DTH I’m working on. 100% sure the preferences section is correct (copied it from another DTH) but it refuses to load.

Well, something certainly has changed over the past few days/weeks. I went though a long and tedious debugging process using several instances of “Simple Device Viewer” smartapp. As I said above, the preferences/settings of the original installation of this smartapp is no longer accessible and/or wont load.

A new installation with only a few devices selected works fine. Add a few more device and it still works. I then began adding/including one more device each time to see if the setting page would load or hang. After a certain number of devices were added, this page no longer would load (sorry, don’t know how many devices it takes to cause this error).

I started all over with another installation of this smartapp and this time added a whole different set of devices. Sure enough, after a certain amount of devices added, the setting page would no longer load. Only solution was to delete the app via the IDE and start all over.