Unable to join samsung hub ZigBee network using CC2530 ZigBee stack

The final target is to create a ZigBee smart device which will work with the Samsung hub. For development, I chose ZB600 development board (https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/ZB600) with the TI CC2530 MPU. I use TI Z-Stack 3.0.2 and their SimpleLight test app to try initial communication. The problem I’m having, the device cannot join the network established by the Samsung Hub. I debugged the app and what I see under debugger is that nwk_getNwkDescList() which is supposed to return a list of available networks returns one network with the following properties

panId 59585 XData:0x0EBC uint16
logicalChannel ‘.’ (0x18) XData:0x0EBE byte
routerCapacity ‘\0’ (0x00) XData:0x0EBF byte
deviceCapacity ‘\0’ (0x00) XData:0x0EC0 byte
version ‘.’ (0x02) XData:0x0EC1 byte
stackProfile ‘.’ (0x02) XData:0x0EC2 byte
chosenRouter 65534 XData:0x0EC3 uint16
chosenRouterLinkQuality ‘\0’ (0x00) XData:0x0EC5 uint8
chosenRouterDepth ‘ÿ’ (0xFF) XData:0x0EC6 uint8
extendedPANID “‰.[¶…W” XData:0x0EC7 uint8 [8]
updateId ‘\0’ (0x00) XData:0x0ECF byte
nextDesc 0x0000 XData:0x0ED0 void *

As you see routerCapacity and deviceCapacity are both 0’s. I build the app as an end device app. Then the algorithm checks deviceCapacity and expects it to be greater than 0. Because it is 0 it does not even try to join the network. If I bypass it, manually set a value greater than 0 or in another way make the algorithm to think that it should be able to join the network it eventually calls NLME_JoinRequest which in this case returns ZNwkNotPermitted error.
I have a number of guesses but I don’t know what to try next. One guess is the network requires the end device to implement certain security protocol, maybe I need to enable certain define in the Z-Stack code or undefine or change something. Another guess is maybe I need to call a method before nwk_getNwkDescList which would tell the hub to expect further joining from a device.
Can anybody tell me what am I missing? Any ideas? Any pointing into the right direction?

Thank you

@alex.49.98, did you enable joining on your hub first? Off the top of my head I don’t recall if those capacity values are only valid if joining is enabled.

How to enable it? The hub has no buttons except the reset. The app seems not having anything that could enable to disable joining. I have 2 zigbee devices: GE smart switch and Samsung outlet. Both connected fine and added to the app. Still looking for help. Is it possible that Samsung hub does not allow uncertified devices to connect or may be there is particular permission needs to be set or particular security settings?