Unable to pair CC2652 or CC1352R1 Zigbee Devices

Jonathan Espanol

Nov 17, 8:30 PM MST

I have been developing a new zigbee device using TI CC1352R1 and CC2652.

I have been using the examples of Home Automation Profile but it seems to be that the smartthings is not recognizing my device.

here is the zigbee join log

zbjoin: {“dni”:“1BA1”,“d”:“00124B001CA77F14”,“capabilities”:“00”,“endpoints”:,“parent”:“0000”,“joinType”:17,“joinDurationMs”:0,“joinAttempts”:1}

I’m hoping you could help me with this matter.

Check the Default and Secondary CHANLIST value in the ztack_config.h file.

The TI example code uses Channel 11 so you will need to change the channel value to match your ST ZigBee channel or choose the value to scan all channels.


You can login into the SmartThings IDE the navigate to the HUB Tab to find out what Zigbee Channel your ST hub is using.

@Tan_Tann make sure your device is responding to the following commands:

  • Active Endpoint Request
  • Simple Descriptor Request
  • Read Attribute on Basic Cluster for attributes 0x0001, 0x0004, and 0x0005

Those are all required for the hub to successfully discover the device