Unable to join channels (25 Jan 2023)

Which error, can you share a screenshot about it?
I tried the link you shared and it wasn’t working for me either because I didn’t accept the invitation, I was able to enter once I used this one: https://bestow-regional.api.smartthings.com/invite/1PlYENKbdNle, and, clicked on “Accept”.

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@nayelyz I realize this is low priority, but this issue should be ticketed to fix the process when someone clicks on a driver link without first joining the channel. I’m sure your engineers can find a more graceful solution than a spinning wheel. It will reduce frustration and support calls.


Thank you all that helped with this. I now can enroll with no problem. Thank you all.

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Same here. Able to join channels now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good to go now! Thanks everyone

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Have you installed this Edge driver and, if so, can you tell me what features it allows? I have a rBoy DTH installed which allows management of multiple lock codes and some other things. It’s still working and I don’t want to delete it if the new one doesn’t at least let me manage multiple codes. Also, I have an original Connect Home hub.

You need to ask @leeduhl , I just quoted their post.

Also. Multiple people have reported issues with the Wi-Fi, mesh hub models, including the connect home, and edge drivers. You might want to check out those forum topics before making any irrevocable changes. :thinking:

Thanks. I’ve only had one Edge driver problem that required that I use an older version of the driver. Others seem to work ok. However, I am going to upgrade my hub soon, but need to get a router 1st. The Connect Home has a built in wifi router, but the new ones don’t.

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