Unable to get SmartCam to record - ST integration

I got my ST hub and Samsung - SmartCam HD Pro Wireless High-Definition Security Camera (SNHP6410BN).

I also added a micro SD to the camera which seems to work fine.

  • When I turn on motion sensor within the camera, the video clips are recorded perfectly fine. No issues here.
  • The issue is with SmartThings integration. I have a rule created: When door sensor is ‘Open’, record a 30-sec clip using Smartcam. ST shows me that when door is opened, an alert is raised and "Camera has begun recording’. But there is no clip at all!

I am just frustrated at this point. I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work…

Have you contacted support@ already? If not, please shoot them a note. If yall are hitting wall, DM your ticket number and I will flag your ticket.

Yes, I have opened a support ticket yesterday.

Heard this from support today:

Thank you for contacting SmartThings. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble accessing your videos from Smart Home Monitor after initiating a recording. This is a known issue we’re currently investigating, I will go ahead and attach your support request to the open ticket we have investigating this so we can contact you once we’ve confirmed it has been resolved. In the meantime try manually downloading the clip, users have reported being able to view after downloading.

I replied: Thanks. The manual download is also not working as there is no clip to download, the video does not even record.

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