Samsung SmartCam HD Pro - SNH-6410BN

(Korban Hadley) #1

I was looking at Dropcam but hate the fact that there is no local storage. I do not want to pay monthly/yearly to record for all my cameras I have setup. This using precious bandwidth. I was looking at The Samsung Smartcam and wondering if anyone else had this device and was planning on or had already set it up with Smartthings.

Sorry I have had to many Foscam cameras die on me to deal with them again. But if there was any other cameras that others has used with Smartthings that would be great,


I too would love support for this camera and the soon to be released Outdoor version.

(Peter Jucha) #3

Count me in for support of the Samsung SmartCam! The outdoor cam is coming, and so are a host of other Samsung smart products.

(Adie Z) #4

Has there been any answer to this? Can Samsung SmartCam HD Pro integrates with SmartThings’ hub?

(Jay Stevens) #5

Bump! What’s the status of support for this camera?


The Samsung Outdoor HD Camera is now on sale👍

I want one of these if it can also integrate into SmartThings…?

(Jay Adkins) #7

I have 4 of the outdoor cams 2 of which are currently installed and running.
I love the fact that they put the electronics in a separate housing the resides indoors. One Ethernet cable from the camera into the house.
Downside is no built in mic or speaker. Need to install and run separately if two way audio is desired.

Camera quality is pretty good. Not spectacular but definitely viewable. I’m currently running them through my Synology NAS using the built in DVR cam software and set to record on motion in specific areas.
As far as I can tell no way to integrate directly with ST.


Hopefully soon the Samsung / Smartthings marriage will support a Smartcam or two :smile:

(V) #9

Throwing my hat in here. Samsung smart cam allows for storing videos on a NAS or other independent device. This would save a user the monthly cloud storage fees that many video surveillance vendors require.

Would be great if SmartThings could interface with the Samsung cam.

Alternatively, is there another surveilllance camera that both works with Smart Things and supports storage to a NAS or other local device?

(Jay Adkins) #10

As much as I would love this, I would rather ST focus solely on improving everything else including platform stability( I think worse now than before database upgrade), app stability, current device support improvements, etc.
I’m exhausted trying to keep up with this system!:frowning:

(Julia Vijay) #11

sir, are you using samsung smart cam with NAS device…I bought samsung smart cam SNH model and now stuck. I bought it as I was in need of both internal memory and cloud storage(dropcam falls shot since it supports only cloud storage). it would be helpful if you can share how to set it up with NAS device.
thank you,