SNH-C6417BN - Full Integration with SmartThings

I recently bought SNH-C6417BN to complete my DIY Security using ST, but after adding this to ST I am struggling to get my SmartCam working with ST with Cloud Storage, just in case if someone broke into my house and takes the SmartCame with SD card also.
Wondering if I am missing something or this is the limitation of ST?
Also, is there any drivers which can use motion trigger of SmartCam, since as far as I read, SmartCam rely on external motion sensor to trigger its video recording.
Any help is appreciated, Thanks.

Hi. I don’t have that camera, I’ve got the SNH-P6410BN.

The way to make it record is by using the Smart Home Monitor. If you use the Security section, you can make all or any cameras record on any “Intrusion”. That’s no good to me - I want to control which camera records based on which sensor has activated. To do that, use the Custom rules in SHM. You can set a camera to record for 30 secs, 1 min or 2 min based on any event you want (sensor opens, motion etc). The clips are stored in the cloud. Works really well.