SmartCam Pro HD isn't doing much in ST

I just bought a SmartCam HD Pro to go with my ST v2 hub. I’m new to both. I have them paired, but so far I am underwhelmed. Hopefully I’m doing something wrong. Two questions:

  • How do I have motion and audio events from the camera be treated as triggering events in ST that I can use to turn on lights or whatever? I don’t see the camera device offering me any outputs to trigger on. All it gives me is the video and the option to reboot.

  • How do I have ST tell the camera that an event has happened and it ought to record stuff? For example, I have a yard gate with a sensor and I want the gate opening to cause the camera to start recording.


Welcome to the SmartCam HD Pro owners club…

You can’t yet, but it’s been promised - for - a - long - time.

There are a couple options available to you:

  • My recommendation: You can easily create a custom rule in SHM to start recording once that gate contact sensor opens.
  • Depending on how you have SHM (Smart Home Monitor) configured, it will start recording when an intrusion is detected.

I wish I had just initially used Blink cameras at my office location rather than these Smartcams. limited value and high price.

The Blinks in my home have been terrific. So I am selling my two SmartCams. :slight_smile:

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