Samsung (un)Smart Cam and Smart Things

Yes I should of done my research … So wish I hadn’t bought Smart Things !!! It’s hardly about the user experience is it ?

Thought I would make matters worse and add a smart cam to my set up.

Ok, I can’t use the motion sensor in the camera … superb !!! I need to buy another motion sensor.
Also the native app works fine but can’t seem to get it to get the live stream in Smart Things

Does anybody have any ideas, also if I get it working, anything I useful I can do in Smart Things without buying another motion sensor ?

Thanks, sorry to moan .



Support for this is supposed to be coming soon, so I wouldn’t go buy another sensor yet.

This is definitely working for me and others so you may want to contact support about this. You could also try rebooting the camera and/or removing the camera from SmartThings and re-adding it.

Definitely the most useful thing is connecting it with Smart Home Monitor to record video when your alarm is triggered. It keeps a 30 second buffer on the hub at all times, so you’ll actually get video 30 seconds before the event triggers, and 30 seconds after. The one caveat with this is that it is supposed to become a paid feature next year.

Great thanks for the reply!!

How do you set up the recording, there doesn’t seem to be any smart apps available.

Be nice to set up when front is opened it records for 30 seconds.

Sorry if this is really simple stuff, also have you noticed the camera getting a little bit warm



On the dashboard (leftmost button on the bottom), you should have the Smart Home Monitor. If you go through the configure for that, you should see the place to select a camera. Check here for details:

No, I haven’t, although I haven’t really checked. Mine is sitting up on a high shelf. Checking now… Mine is warmer than room temperature, but definitely not hot.

Just realized I’m in the UK/Ireland forums…but maybe this issue pertains to you guys too? I’m in the US and here’s my experience…

The Smartcam not functioning properly is a known issue right now. I couldn’t find any details so I had emailed SmartThings and this was their reply…

I’ve been patiently awaiting a fix. I bought 4 a few weeks ago and have overall been pleased with the experience until this. The motion sensor issue hasn’t really bugged me, but will be a nice addition when it is added.

(Edit: troubleshooting I tried 2 nights ago…removing cam from SmartThings, readding yesterday am, rebooting the Smartcam, resetting defaults in Smartcam, factory resetting Smartcam, enabling/disabling the encryption toggle. So basically I wasted a lot of time until I found out that the fix needs to occur server side. I would still email them if I were you so you can be “linked” and notified when there is a fix)

May send this back to Amazon, anybody have any experience with the dlink camera ??

I am having the same issue here in the US. SmartCam just will not discover with my SmartThings V2 HUB. Works just fine with the SmartCam App. I have waited 4-5 weeks still no fix. Going to return it here shortly as I am wanting to use a single dashboard, arrrr…Just sucks…

Cheers for now